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Few Babies are Royally Blessed

Malian Kids: 11-month-old Rebecca and 10-year-old Abraham

Millions of well-wishers around the world caught their first glimpse of the new baby royal this week. Watching Will and Kate introduce their newborn son to the public certainly brought a ray of sunshine into many households and even here in the CBN newsroom. It seems many of us are in need of a little more smiling, cooing and oos and ahs these days.

I thank God the new baby royal (as I write this, his name has yet to be announced) was born into a privileged family in the United Kingdom. If he had been born in Mali, like baby Rebecca in the photo above, he'd have about a one in ten chance of dying within a year of birth.

Think about it. That means if you gathered 1,000 Malian babies under 12 months old into a room for feeding or changing, 106 of them would not make it to their first birthday. The odds are even worse for Afghan children.

Dehydration and diet are the leading causes of infant mortality. Providing at risk babies and their families with clean water and nutritious meals can make a difference.

So, while I thank God that Britain's prince and princess have a healthy baby who could be king of England some day, I also pray that God will inspire people to do more to help babies and children like those in Mali and Afghanistan who are rarely featured in the news headlines.

And while I thank God everyday that I live in a nation of plenty, I'm also aware that the privilege comes with a responsibility to help others.

"...and to whomever much is given, of him shall much be required." --Luke 12:48

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