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Brotherhood Supporters Attack Egyptian Christians

Only a few days have passed since the popular uprising in Egypt and the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

Already Islamists are blaming--and attacking-Christians for the turn of events.

On Saturday, Muslim militants murdered a Coptic priest in Egypt's Northern Sinai region. Gunmen riding in an SUV pulled alongside a vehicle driven by 39-year-old Father Mina Aboud Sharobeel and opened fire. Father Mina reportedly was shot in the right side of his head, the gunmen dragged him from his car, and then fled the scene in his vehicle.

Witnesses say Father Mina had just finished an afternoon of shopping when the attack occured in the town of El Arish, near the Gaza border.

The pro-Muslim Brotherhood forces didn't end their attacks with just the spilling of one Coptic priest's blood.

According to a country contact for The Voice of The Martys, Muslim Brotherhood supporters killed nine Christians, looted Christian homes and shops and set them ablaze this weekend in the village of Al Dabaa near Luxor. At least one church was destroyed.

VOM's country contact went on to report the following:

..."They attacked Christians in 2 villages in Menia city (Dalga village and Der Mawas village) and targeted the stores owned by Christians in these villages and in other villages in this city (Menia). The army and the police forces are working so hard to protect Egyptians everywhere in Egypt especially in the Upper Egypt area (South of Egypt).

We have some data that about 3 churches were burned in different areas in Egypt but we are not able to get specific information about what had happened so far as a a result of these attacks."

Egyptians do not feel secure as hundreds of Hamas Groups' soldiers are in Egypt now to attack Egyptians!! Yesterday 4 of these soldiers were arrested in Heliopolis in Cairo and they were arrested while they were carrying about 80 bombs to be used in attacking the protestors in the streets..."

So please, we ask prayers for protection to all Egyptians in this very hard time and protection for Christian families in Upper Egypt."

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