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Egyptians Reject the Muslim Brotherhood

A new poll just out in Egypt shows the vast majority of Egyptians reject continued Muslim Brotherhood involvement in their society and poltiics.

According to Baseera, The Egyptian Center of Public Opinion Research, 69 percent of Egyptians polled said they don't approve of the Brotherhood's continuation. Sixty-three percent do not want the political wing of The Muslim Brotherhood--The Freedom and Justice Party--to participate in upcoming parliamentary elections.

More than three quarters of respondents (78 percent) said the Brotherhood's one-year rule was worse than expected and 57 percent hold The Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the violence that took place throughout the country following the military's dispersal of Islamist encampments from downtown Cairo.

The Baseera poll questioned 1,395 Egyptians and was conducted August 19-21, 2013, within one week of the dispersals and resulting MB violence against churches.

Egyptians are now debating proposed amendments to their constitution and some fear the current process and recommendations may lead to the restoration of the Mubarak regime.

If that happens, Egyptians are likely to take to the streets once again--perhaps not now, but in the months and years ahead.

Keep praying for peace, prosperity, and justice for Egyptain society!

To see the full Baseera poll results, click here.

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