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The Brotherhood's War on Egyptian Christians

YMCA Minya, Egypt

The list of churches and Christian institutions attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters in Egypt is growing.

The most recent count is over 50. Those are the ones we know about.

And it's not only churches that have been targeted: Bible Society bookstores in Cairo, Fayoum, and Assyut have also been attacked and the YMCA building in Minya was set ablaze.

Christians reportedly have been killed and at least one pastor and his wife were reportedly kidnapped from the Adventist Church in Assyut.

Brotherhood members in Cairo have been overheard saying, "If you find a Christian, kill him!"

This massive wave of violence against Christians is unprecedented in modern Egyptian history. While there's still no condemnation from the Obama adminstration, the most conservative voices in Egypt--the Islamist Salafis--have spoken out against the targeting of churches.

Watch my update on the CBN News Channel Morning Show:

Click here to view the updated list of Christians and institutions targeted throughout Egypt..

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