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Religious Freedom in China?


The Cross.You either love it, or despise it and do everything you can to remove it from your life and the lives of others.

In China, if you want people to believe the government is the provider of all things, then you must try to eliminate the faith that says Jesus is the Lord and provider.

It's all about power and influence, and who actually receives the allegiance of the people: The Communist Party, or Jesus Christ.

Take a close look at these photos provided to CBN News from our friends at International Christian Concern. 

This is how religious freedom looks today in the world's largest country:

We showed you earlier this month how thousands of Christians had gathered as human shields to protect Sanjiang Christian Church from demolition in Wenzhou, China. According to ICC sources, government officials withdrew from a compromise agreement reached with the church. Christian leaders throughout Zhejiang Province were rounded up, detained, or arrested in an attempt to prevent further dissent over the church destruction. Then on the morning of April 28th, 2014 explosives were used to demolish the church building.

Apparently local Communist Party officials were offended by the cross on top of the church. Had Christians placed a giant portrait of Chairman Mao there, no problem.

Some people would argue,"If the church had only registered this would not have happened." But Sanjiang Christian is a registered, state-controlled, Three Self Patriotic Church.

Pray for the members of this church as they seek new housing for their services. Many had given their life's savings to help build the Sanjiang Christian Church.

Communist Party offcials incorrectly think when they destroy a church building, they eliminate the Christians. But the recently deceased Pastor Samuel Lamb--one of the founders of the modern day house church movement once told me, "More persecution, more church growth!"

Government officials may demolish a cross, but the love of The One who hung on it two thousand years ago remains unstoppable .   



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