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The 10 Most Violent Countries for Christians

Open Doors, the folks who smuggle bibles and help persecuted Christians around the world, has a new list.

Each year, many of us anxiously await the release of their World Watch List.--the 50 countries where Christians face the greatest persecution. North Korea topped that list again at the start of 2014.

This week, Open Doors released a Top 10 Violence List of countries where Christians experience the most violence for their devotion to Jesus Christ.Their researchers examined incidents which occurred during a 17-month period: from November 2012 to the end of March 2014.

It comes of no surprise that Nigeria is number one. Think Boko Haram, church bombings, pastors killed, Christian school boys murdered, school girls kidnapped, and countless attacks on Christian homes and businesses. We've detailed the terror extensively here at CBN News.

I talked with ODUSA spokseperson Emily Fuentes who explained why Nigeria topped the list:

She also discusses the kidnapping of those 270 Nigerian Christian girls last April 15. An Australian Anglican priest is working on negotiating their release. He reportedly was close to securing their freedom until his name was leaked to the media:

Also, of no surprise is Syria coming in at number two on the list. In areas of the country where militant jiahdists have seized control, many Christians have been murdered, others have escaped death by embracing Islam, or by paying a Jizya tax. Tens of thousands have fled the country.

Emily Fuentes gives details:

Egypt came in at number three on the list. While mass attacks against Christians have subsided a bit since The Muslim Brotherhood was forced from power last summer, attacks from Muslim extremists continue. Fuentes told me Christian women and girls face the greatest danger:

A Muslim militia known as the Selekas has deliberately targeted Christians for rape, murder and church destruction in Central African Republic. That caused Open Doors to give the country a number four ranking on the list

I talked to Ms. Fuentes about that:

Finally, what is Open Doors praying this new Top Ten List will accomplish?

Here's the answer:

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