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Iraqi Heroine Risks Life for Desperate Yazidis

Many of us will never forget Vian Dakheel's impassioned plea to the world on behalf of the Yazidis.

Last week, the Iraqi lawmaker--herself a Yazidi--collapsed after making a tearful speech before Parliament.

"Our families have been slaughtered...set aside your political differences...In the name of humanity, I call upon all of you to save us, to save us!" she exclaimed.

Her emotional plea may have inspired the United States and other Western countries to respond with help to northern Iraq.

Many of the stranded Yazidis have now been rescued from atop Sinjar Mountain thanks to American airstrikes and daring members of the Syrian Kurdish Army. Some of them are now safely residing in a U.N. refugee camp in Mailikiya, Syria.

Ms. Dakheel was determined to do more to help her people, so earllier this week she boarded a Russian-made M-17 helicopter and flew with the Iraqi Army to Sinjar Mountain.

They delivered humanitarian relief to the people, but the dehydrated and malnourished Yazidis desperately demanded rescue from the mountain; many had been stuck there for more than a week, having fled the clutches of crazed Islamic State jihadists.

The Yazidis pushed and shoved their way to the open doors of the helicopter--too many of them clawed their way onto the deck of the departing chopper. Weighted down, the aircraft could not get enough lift, so it toppled over and crashed into the mountainside.

The pilot was killed. Lawmaker Dakheel and others were injured in the crash.

Please note. It's not just suffering Yazidis and displaced Christians who need intercession..

First responders--those who risk their lives in service to others--desperately need our prayers as well!

Watch this dramatic Iraqi Army rescue video of Vian Dakheel (at 1:50) and others, moments after the helicopter accident.

And then keep praying for Iraq!

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