Pakistan Flood: Send in The Marines?

Pakistan Flood: Send in The Marines?


Good news for the millions of hungry Pakistanis forced from their homes by monsoon rains and flooding in recent days: The Marines have arrived!

A thousand Marines arrived in Karachi Thursday aboard the amphibious assault ship Peleliu. They brought helicopters and supplies to aid the Pakistani government in relief efforts.

I’m a big supporter of our troops and the U.S. Marine Corps, but is this the best approach in a region of Pakistan already hostile to U.S. drone strikes and military activity?

Yes, this is an emergency even worse than the devastating earthquake that hit the Northwest Frontier Province and Kashmir region back in October 2005.  But maybe the United States would garner more favor with the people if the Marines kept a low profile and helped facilitate Christian charities and other humanitarian relief organizations in their efforts to provide aid.

Christians were among the first responders during the 2005 earthquake. I joined one group that distributed food, clothing, blankets and other relief items to Muslim families forced to live in tents near the mountain city of Muzaffarabad. Many of the people in the area are sympathetic to the Taliban, but their hearts and minds were influenced by the kindness and love of Christ demonstrated by Christians.

One man said, “I can’t believe that you actually came to us!”

Others who were given propane heaters/cook stoves exclaimed, “You are the TRUE believers!”

Several imams (Islamic priests) became followers of Jesus and were baptized because of the Christian example and witness in that relief effort.

It will take a massive international effort to help Pakistan get through this and the U.S. Marine Corps—as always—can be counted on to do its duty. Let’s not leave it all up to them. Christians need to be involved now more than ever.

Operation Blessing was quick to respond to the Pakistan crisis and needs our help. Learn more here.

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