Robert Park Interview: Speaking Up for North Korean Christians

Robert Park Interview: Speaking Up for North Korean Christians


Robert Park is a man on a mission. He says he's called to continue to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." (Proverbs 31:8-9)

Nearly a year has passed since the Korean American missionary crossed the frozen Tumen River and walked from China into North Korea. Attentive border guards immediately arrested Park and took him to a North Korean prison where he suffered sexual abuse and torture.

Many of Park's friends are North Korean defectors--they told him how Christians and others are sent to concentration camps, tortured and left to die. Park knew what he was up against before crossing the border, yet he was willing to pay the price.

Whether or not you agree with his conduct (crossing borders without permission is illegal), one cannot help but admire his passion, advocacy, and commitment to Christ. Tired of Christians "talking the talk" but not "walking the walk," Park decided to do something to draw attention to the plight of Christians in North Korea. As a result, he suffered excruciating pain and suffering at the hands of the brutal totalitarian regime. He doesn't like to talk about it or give much detail of the torture he experienced, but he reportedly told one reporter that he would "never be able to have a marriage or any kind of relationship."

How are Christians faring in North Korea today and what does he think about those who are evangelized in China or South Korea and then sent back to the North? He responds to those questions in clip one of our CBN News interview.

In clip two, Park explains what he did when he first crossed the border into North Korea.

In clip three, he discusses how he was treated by his North Korea interrogators and what he said to them.

In our fourth and final interview clip, Park explains what Christians can do to make a difference for our North Korean brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please take the time to view all four clips and then pray. Few Christians suffer worse than those in North Korea.

Clip 1 - Underground Church:

Clip 2 - When Park Entered North Korea:

Clip 3 - What He Told His Captors:

Clip 4 - How to Make a Difference:

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