Death Penalty Possible for Iranian Blogger

Death Penalty Possible for Iranian Blogger


Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani sits in a prison cell awaiting execution for apostasy...

American Amir Mirzaei Hekmati faces death on charges of spying against Iran....

Now we share news that the Islamic Republic has convicted an Iranian blogger for “insulting the Prophet of Islam” and “enmity with God” or “waging war against God.”

Mohammad Reza Pour Shajari 's crime? Speaking out harshly against Islam and the Iranian regime.

His trial was held Dec. 21 and lasted only 15 minutes. He reportedly told the presiding judge,"One day, like Gaddafi, you will hide in a hole.”

The judge reportedly responded saying, “Now we are here, and you, and people like you, will pay the price.”

Tehran's agressive actions against American visitors, Iranian Christians, and its citizens who voice concerns about their country may worsen in the days ahead. As expanded sanctions against the regime move beyond saber rattling and mere threats, it seems the Islamic Republic is responding like a caged animal backed into a corner.

The question now is, will the lion tamer respond by cracking the whip, or by throwing the lion more meat to devour?

One blogger describes Shajari as, "a gentle and polished man, who has lost a kidney as a result of tortures he has suffered in prison."

You can get a good glimpse of Shajari in chains in the video below as he is being led into court:

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