Quran Burning Mayhem in Pakistan

Quran Burning Mayhem in Pakistan


We've just learned from contacts at The Voice of the Martyrs that a Christian family in Islamabad, Pakistan is in urgent need of prayer.

It seems they have been taken into police custody on charges that they were involved in the burning of a Quran, the Muslim holy book. The Christians and the colony in which they live are under threat from angry, rioting Muslims.

This tense situation occurs at a time when the Islamic holy month of Ramadan comes to a close. So much for a peaceful celebration.

VOM will provide more details about the incident soon. In the meantime, pray for this family--that God will keep them safe from the wrath of Islamic militants or police who often side with extremists.

Allegations against Christians for burning or desecrating the Quran usually prove false, but the accused often spend months and even years in jail as their case works its way through the legal system and they are finally released by a less biased, higher court.

Watch one of my previous reports about a similar case that happened several years ago. This story features Pakistani Christian Sandal Bibi:

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