Cuba Ready to Negotiate American's Release

Cuba Ready to Negotiate American's Release


Former USAID contractor Alan Gross is still wasting away in a Cuban prison cell. The Castro brothers have held him there for nearly three years.

Now, there's a ray of hope that this Jewish American may be allowed to return home to his wife and two daughters.

Senior Cuba diplomat Josefina Vidal says her government is willing to negotiate his release. She's waiting for a response from President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The problem is, Cuba uses imprisonments like that of Alan Gross to extort concessions out of Washington. While the U.S. Department of State doesn't like pre-conditions prior to negotiations, it seems that several previous cases have set a precedent.

How many remember the custody and immigration dispute of young Elian Gonzalez? That occured during the presidential tenure of Secretary Clinton's husband, Bill.

I talked recently with Judy Gross, Alan's wife. She's hopeful that talks will begin soon, but she's been disappointed before.

Let's pray that God frees Alan Gross from prison--before year's end--so he can celebrate Hanukkah with his family this year.

To learn more, log on to Bring Alan Home. And view my full interview with Judy Gross here:

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