Cuban Missile Crisis: Lessons for Obama and Romney

Cuban Missile Crisis: Lessons for Obama and Romney


While foreign policy will dominate the final presidential debate, let us not forget the lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It happened 50 years ago this month, October 16-28, 1962.

If you share my age, or perhaps if you're older than me, you'll likely remember how you reacted when President Kennedy informed the nation that Soviet offensive missiles were discovered in Cuba just 90 miles from Florida.

I remember sharing my parent's concerns for the safety of some of our relatives who lived in Miami.

"What's a Russia? What's a Cuba?" I asked.

"They're America's enemies--countries that don't like the United States or the freedoms that we enjoy," my parents explained.

 The nation held its breath as the crisis unfolded.

President Kennedy implemented a naval blockade of Cuba, but he also used tough talk, along with quiet diplomacy to end the crisis. U.S. offensive missiles were eventually withdrawn from Turkey and the Soviets removed their missiles from Cuba Nikita Kruschev and The U.S.S.R. relented, nuclear war was averted.

Was the Kennedy administration skillfull, or just lucky?

Many Christians around the world were praying. I'd like to think it was simply a matter of divine intervention. God brought us back from the brink of annihilation.

So, as President Obama and Mitt Romney debate foreign policy in the coming days, remember this: whether it's the Cuban missile crisis, the murder of the U.S Ambassador to Libya, or Iranian nuclear missile development, the man elected President of the United States needs forceful leadership and strong diplomatic skills.

He'll also need the divine favor of God to meet the unexpected crises that will certainly come in the days ahead.

May the next president seek His wisdom and guidance as he leads our nation.

Here's a look back at the Cuban Missile Crisis--compliments of the U.S. Navy:

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