Muslim Women in Philippines Confront ISIS Terrorists, Save Christian Lives

Muslim Women in Philippines Confront ISIS Terrorists, Save Christian Lives


As the Philippine Army continues to battle ISIS affiliated rebels in Mindanao, some bright spots are shining in the midst of the crisis.

Tuesday, two Muslim women stepped in to protect some Christian workers from possible death or certain kidnapping in Mindanao.

Cris, a Christian worker at a gun shop in Marawi City, said his Muslim employer, Ma'am Farida, stood between her 13 male employees and 10 Maute terrorists. 

Farida confronted the Islamic rebels when they stormed into her shop telling them, "You have to kill me first before you can even touch them!"

The gunmen seized weapons and ammunition, but left the Christians unharmed.

Cris said the Maute rebels--all of them teenagers--were armed  and dangerous and could have easily abducted the Christian males and used them for their technical skills.

A short time after the terrorists left her shop, Farida enlisted the help of her uncle to take the Christian workers and their families to a safe location near Iligan. 

Our CBN News Asia Correspondent Lucille Talusan is in Iligan and she reports that tens of thousands of people--mostly residents of Marawi -- are now residing there as refugees.

Most fled their homes because of heavy fighting between the Philippine army and the Maute rebels.

How likely would Muslims step in like Ma'am Farid and risk their lives to protect Christians in Marawi City? 

Watch my interview with Lucille Talusan and find out what she thinks may happen next in the Philippine government's battle against the ISIS affiliated extremists.

Also, learn what CBN is doing to make a difference near the battle zone.

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