Leftists Unhinged: Shocking Scalise Reaction and Patriotism 'Drenched in Whiteness'

Leftists Unhinged: Shocking Scalise Reaction and Patriotism 'Drenched in Whiteness'


Leftist ideology is raging on college campuses these days, from stunning responses to the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise to increasing race-baiting against white people.

Campus Reform is a group that spotlights the liberal agenda from professors at colleges across the country. 

The organization is a project of the Leadership Institute and its goal is to expose bias and abuse on the nation's college campuses. 

For our full interview with Campus Correspondent Hannah Scherlacher click on the video above. 

After the recent attack on House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, leftist professors were quick to pounce. 

Professor Daniel Blair, a physics professor from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., tweeted that he hopes Scalise will rethink his A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. 

"I wonder if @SteveScalise will rethink his A+ NRA rating. #thoughtsandprayers do nothing." 

The tweet has since been deleted. 

Many other shocking tweets were also scattered across the Twittersphere after the Scalise shooting. 

"DC Homos" tweeted: 

"Thoughts and prayers to Steve Scalise who accepted $18,500 from the NRA and wants more guns on the streets." 

Another tweet from Karl Qualls, a history professor said, "Another angry white man w/ easy access to guns (and state w/ almost no reg). Gabby Giffords, Steve Scalise. It isn't politics; it is guns." 

Two more tweets came from professor Robin Morris, a professor from Agnes Scott College. 

She tweeted, "Well we already knew it was a white guy who did the shooting. They got him into custody instead of killing him." 

"Wishing Steven Scalise a full recovery - except for the part of him that thinks a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun," she added. 

Soon after the Scalise incident, a University of Florida professor named Dr. Micah Johnson claimed that the American notion of patriotism is "drenched in whiteness," arguing it implies that black people are "un-American." 

Campus Reform reported that he interviewed 22 black Americans, and asserted that American institutions continue to reflect advantages for white males. 

Johnson says patriotism '"expunges black contributions to America and signals that blacks are outsiders, parasitic companions, merely by-catch in the nets of European conquest," arguing that the meritocratic ethos embedded in patriotism serves to "essentially oppose a Black identity."'

Johnson says in the Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies  (LINK) he hopes people will "de construct meanings of patriotism " and "redefine what is normal" and "what is heroic." 

Campus Reform's Hannah Scherlacher told CBN News she was not surprised by these professors' reactions. 

"This is kind of part of a broader picture of college campuses and professors breeding intolerance and shutting down any conservative thought or ideas that differ from their own," she said. 

"They are not learning their critical thinking skills, they are learning to replace ideas with outrage and that's very dangerous," she added. 


LINK:  "The paradox of black patriotism: double consciousness"


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