Gender Confused Sixth Graders in Texas Weep Over Bathroom Choice

Gender Confused Sixth Graders in Texas Weep Over Bathroom Choice


In Texas, of all places, some sixth grade students at one middle school are confused about which bathroom to use.

Their teacher—who does not want to be identified on The Global Lane--told us she found some of her students weeping outside the bathroom. Apparently they were distraught about their feelings and gender identity.

Their confusion came after a specialist visited the school and told them that their sex is different from their gender. While they may be born male or female, that is their biological sex. Their gender is whatever they feel they are, said the specialist.

About 50% of the students told the teacher they wanted to be referred to as “they” instead of him or her. They also told her that she should not assume their gender just by looking at them. Some wanted her to refer to them as “cupcake.”

Why is this happening now?

The teacher--who is a Christian told me it’s because school administrators took creationism out of the classroom. She also said while her students are made in the image of God for His purposes, they do not know that.

What is the consequence once these sixth graders become adults?

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