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A Grandmother's Daily Sacrifice

Matt Vilkas - 700 Club Producer

After Sailajah's father went to jail and her mother passed away, her grandmother, Durgi, took her in.

Durgi explained, "It is very difficult to take care of my granddaughter and husband. My husband can't walk, and I make very little money by working in the fields."

Before going to work, Durgi made several trips to a farmer's water pipe to get enough water for her family's daily needs. By the time she was done, she only had a half a day left for work.

Sailajah's grandfather, Amar, said, "My granddaughter wanted to go to school, but we couldn't pay for it. We could hardly buy food. We felt hopeless."

Then, they told a visiting pastor about their needs. He asked CBN to drill a well near their home.

Durgi explained, "The government tried to drill several wells in the area, but they all failed. Then, you came and struck water!"

The well allowed Durgi to collect water quickly and then work a full day. Her income nearly doubled! CBN wanted to help Durgi's husband too.

Amar said, "You gave me a wheelchair! Now, I can visit everyone in our village. I am so happy that Jesus gave us exactly what we needed."

To insure that their family has enough income for everything they need, we also gave them a milking buffalo.

Sailajah happily said, "I like playing with the buffalo. The money we make by selling the milk will make it possible for me to go to school. I'm so excited! Thank you for everything!"

"Now I can buy enough food for my family and give my granddaughter a bright future," said Durgi. "We are so happy. Thank you!"

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