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Homecoming Queen Advocates Adoption

Homecoming queens come and go but none can hold a candle to Molly Anne Dutton. She is telling the world about how she narrowly escaped death from abortion, and is living proof of why abortion is a horrific mistake.

Molly was crowned Auburn University's 100th Miss Homecoming. This gives her a platform to tell her story and hopefully save the lives of people who are headed toward death through abortion.

By observing her triumph, it causes us to mourn the loss of the millions precious people, whose lives were cut short in utero, and were not afforded the opportunity to live like Molly was.

By looking at Molly we can only imagine who we are missing, people to love. We can only imagine what we are missing, the contributions they would have made to society had they lived.

Molly Anne Dutton is so beautiful, smart, loving and talented...such a gift to the many people she touches.

Molly is courageous, because her story is so personal and began in such an ugly manner, but ended up beautiful.

She was conceived 22 years ago in California when her married biological mother was raped. Molly's biological mother was given an ultimatum by her husband: either abortion or divorce.

Rather than aborting, Molly's biological mother chose to give up her child for adoption. She wanted a good home for her unborn baby. She chose a Christian adoption center in Birmingham, Ala., to help her. It was called Lifeline Children's Services and is still in operation today.

A couple serving on the Lifeline board of directors chose to adopt Molly, bringing her into a large, loving Christian family. Molly has five other siblings, three of them are adopted.

Molly is not only an advocate for adoption rather than abortion. She is particularly passionate about adoption after a sexual assault. So many people who are opposed to abortion in general think it is, however, prudent in the case of rape. Molly is using her platform as Miss Homecoming to encourage even people who becoming pregnant through rape to carry their baby to term and give it up for adoption.

"If you ever find yourself in a situation or have a sister or a cousin or a best friend that is in trouble … there are resources there," she said.

The statistics are shocking. Every two minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. One out of six women is victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. There are many resources that can provide hope for women who are experiencing the darkest time of their lives. However, with the right counseling, darkness turns to light and life.

When Dutton was crowned Homecoming queen, she planned to use her platform to educate and empower the women of Auburn University who've become pregnant through sexual assault to seek adoption rather than abortion. But now her message is resonating far beyond the boundaries of Auburn. She's getting the national recognition she deserves.