Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a Good Night's Sleep


A good night's sleep is a blessing often overlooked until you start having trouble getting your eight hours. Many people suffer day after day, living only a portion of the life they are intended to live because they are trying to function are far too little sleep.

Some people having difficultly falling asleep in the first place. Others have no trouble falling asleep: their problem is waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble falling back asleep.

Either way, doctors say there are a few lifestyle changes that can have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

First, doctors caution people to STAY AWAY FROM SLEEPING PILLS. Most sleep experts will tell you sleeping pills should only be used when all other attempts to sleep well have failed. Sleeping pills cause drowsiness during the day and can be habit forming, in addition to several other side effects.

Get your body primed for a good night's sleep by refraining from caffeine after 12 noon. In addition to coffee, that means laying-off tea, soda and even chocolate, which all contain caffeine.

Stay away from alcohol and big meals before bed. Many people recognize that alcohol and heavy food put you to sleep. But many do not realize that alcohol and food lead to a restless sleep and might trigger waking-up and the inability to fall back asleep.

Don't watch television right before bed. TV can have an antagonizing effect on our minds. Instead, spend at least the last 30 minutes at night reading and/or praying. Our thoughts and feelings at bedtime impact our quality of sleep, so make them peaceful. That means no arguing. Put to bed all negativity before you go to bed.

If you wake up worrying, go to a different room and write down your worries on a piece of paper. Subconsciously, this transfers your problems to the paper and empties them from your mind so you can go back to sleep. And removing yourself from the bed further separates your problems from where you sleep.

Lastly, exercise in the late afternoon or early evening. This is a great stress reliever and allows your body and mind to properly relax when it's time for sleep.

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