The Perils of Wheat Today

The Perils of Wheat Today


Most of us know that filtered cigarettes are better for us than unfiltered. So does that mean we should smoke filtered cigarettes? By no means! We shouldn't smoke at all!

The same thing can be said about wheat. Most of us know that whole wheat is better for us then refined wheat. So does that mean we should eat whole wheat? By no means. We shouldn't eat wheat at all.

Unfortunately, wheat isn't what is used to be. Over the last 40 years or so, it has changes so drastically, it is hardly recognizable as the same food. It has changed in appearance as well as nutritional content.

Wheat plants are more than two feet shorter than they used to be. This change allows for more seeds on the plant without it toppling over from the weight. The effect on the body is such that wheat increases the body's blood sugar so dramatically that it's making us fat and sick.

Please understand that I am talking about whole wheat products. Even organic whole wheat products. The wheat plant itself has morphed universally, so that you cannot purchase the wheat Americans used just half a century ago. It's a real shame.

How did this happen? It will not surprise you to know that increased profits were behind the changes. The newer breed of wheat is not a product of genetic modification, but rather a result of cross breeding and hybridization that makes the plants more drought resistant higher yielding.

But the way our bodies react to today's wheat costs us all more in increased health care costs, not to mention increased food purchasing, because wheat is downright addictive.

The basic problem with wheat is that is converts to blood sugar more efficiently than any other carbohydrate....even sugar!
In fact, just two slices of whole wheat, yes, whole wheat bread increases your blood sugar to a higher level than a candy bar!

As most of us know, after that type of sugar spike, a  couple of hours we experience a sugar crash. We are tired, shaky, foggy and of course, hungry. So the cycle starts all over again, eating wheat, sugar spike, crash, more wheat.

The obvious result is weight gain, which fans out into a whole host of other problems not the least of which are cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

When you consider that 20 percent, one-fifth, of our diets are comprised of wheat, it's no wonder we're so fat and tired and sick!
The solution is a no-brainer. Eliminate wheat.

But while that remedy is simple, it's not easy. Just look around. Wheat is everywhere. It's in everything, not just crackers anymore.

Why is that? Do you suppose that food manufacturers know that wheat stimulates appetite and that by putting wheat in their products they can induce people to eat more of them?

Dr. William Davis, a preventive cardiologist, recently wrote the book called Wheat Belly, which explains how perilous wheat, all wheat, is to our health. Furthermore, he describes how his patients who eliminated wheat from their diets saw dramatically improved heath.

He says it takes about five days of no wheat before you stop craving it. That withdrawal period if the toughest part. But boy is it worth it. His patients immediately felt less hungry and noticed their thinking was clearer.

Next was the staggering weight loss. Then over time the diabetes, arthritis, acid reflux, heart conditions, all went away.

In these difficult economic times with food and health care costs rising, it makes sense to eliminate wheat from our diets to live healthier both financially and physically.

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