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Hollywood Insight 08/02/12

A First Look at Jeff Foxworthy’s "The American Bible Challenge"

Touted as a game show of ‘biblical proportions’, The American Bible Challenge tests people’s knowledge of God’s Word. This new Bible quiz show premieres on Game Show Network (GSN) on August 23, 2012.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy acts as host inviting contestants to prove their familiarity of Bible stories and history. Episode winners don’t walk away with money in their own pocket though. Each contestant is playing for prize money to be award to a worthwhile charity.

This first look at The American Bible Challenge gives you just a taste of what to expect from this new show. It should be an interesting one considering a majority of Americans don’t often read the Bible.

According to the Center for Bible Engagement, just 35 percent of those surveyed had read the Bible the previous week. Reading God’s Word regularly is even rarer. Only about 14 percent of Americans had read portions at least four of the past seven days.

This should be good.

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