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homosexuality 06/24/08

Breaking Free from Homosexuality

Sex!  So whose idea was it in the first place?  Our God Almighty is the expert on the subject because he is the one who created it. He made man and woman to be sexual beings and He wants us to enjoy this gift He has given us.

Sex is powerful and wonderful!  God knew this, so he set a parameter for healthy sexual intimacy. His parameter states that sex should be a very special and sacred love act between a husband and a wife. This boundary is not to inhibit us, but is to protect us and free us to enjoy sex to the fullest.    Sex is God’s wedding gift to a married couple.

If God created sex, then what’s the problem?  Satan is distorting and deceiving us about this precious gift God has given us. Satan is a liar and a deceiver.  Hear one of his many lies our society believes:  “It is my right to have sex with anyone I’m attracted to and/or care about.”  Lust, lack of self-control, and this right to be intimate with anybody, anytime is our societies’ idea of sexual freedom.

Where is this idea getting us? Our society is obsessed with sex.  Sexual sin is rampant and spreading like wild fire.  Our teens are having babies.  Sexual diseases are becoming a part of many people’s lives. Pre-marital sex and homosexuality is becoming the norm. Pornography is destroying marriages. Abortion is just another form of birth control.  God have mercy on us!  We have become so desensitized to our sexual sin.  Lies from the enemy are becoming destructive truths.  In fact, we are arrogantly saying it is up to each individual to have sex whenever and with whoever he/she wishes to.

Christians and non-Christians are being bound and mastered by their sexual desires. Sexual sin deadens one’s ears to hear God’s voice and hardens one’s heart to know His great love for us.  This is bondage not freedom. Satan is even attacking married couples and their sexual relationships.  Lot’s of couples are not even having sex and enjoying each other intimately. I think this so grieves our Father’s heart.

There is no hierarchy in sexual sin.  Sin is sin and it is destructive.  The intention of this blog is to open up a dialog about one specific area of sexual sin – homosexuality.  Please know there is no condemnation towards anyone struggling with this sexual sin.

My name is Sydney Johnson and at one point in my life, I was deceived and trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. Who am I you say?  I am your neighbor next door. Your brother or your sister and the list go on. My heart is to share my testimony, open up my life’s struggles, and answer questions in order to bring hope and freedom to those wrestling with this very tough issue. By the grace of my Lord and Savior, and the support of many loving friends, I am no longer a slave to my sexual desires. I want to encourage you to start your journey towards freedom in Christ by searching for Him and answers to your questions. You can hear His voice and know intimately His love for you in the midst of this struggle. 

So with all this said, let’s get those computers inputting your thoughts, ideas, and questions about homosexuality.  We must bring this subject out into the open and into the light or else the world; the flesh or the devil will dictate what we believe.  I am so excited about our upcoming exchanges.  God Bless you all!

Redeemed Hallelujah!

Sydney Johnson