America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

America Has Entered Dangerous Waters


A middle class revolt against the federal government and the Democrats is spreading, and there have been incidents of violence.

Consider that in the past few days, fighting broke out at a Tampa area town hall meeting over healthcare reform, and six were arrested after a St. Louis town hall meeting. Other townhall meetings have seen shouts of “Tyranny,” scuffles and the presence of bodyguards and police to protect lawmakers.

I'm assuming the unrest is actually worse than is being reported, since Big Media wants Obama to succeed and has proven hesitant to report bad news about the administration.

This little piece of guerrilla journalism to the left, which is both effective and troubling, has popped up around Los Angeles. It shows the president as "The Joker" from Batman.

You can argue that there’s nothing new about vigorous protest, but let’s be clear: politically related violence by or against our most law abiding and quiet segment of the population, the taxpaying middle class, is a sign of civic breakdown.  It’s an important and dangerous threshold for our country.

Sure, citizens feel passionate about a specific issue, healthcare, but it’s far bigger than that.

The posters and the rhetoric show that a growing segment of the middle class believes Washington is THE enemy; a direct threat to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

When the middle class decides that the federal government is going to harm it, to the point that fighting breaks out at meetings with lawmakers, we’re going in the direction of revolution.

The White House has promised to“punch back twice as hard” against the middle class protest.  Not a helpful choice of words in the present climate. And may I say, that IS Nazi rhetoric, from the Nazi street fighting era of the 1930's. And it comes from the  same Democratic Party trying to paint the middle class protestors as Nazis.

The White House also wants the names and emails of people who actively oppose healthcare reform.  A Republican Senator accuses the Obama administration of building an “enemies list.”

Finally, consider that a military man I know of told a friend that he and another officer actually talked about whether they would defend this government if ordered to take action against the middle class protestors that the Democrats have branded “violent mobs.”  Sure, it’s a hypothetical, almost silly discussion.  But that such a thing should even come up means our society has entered dangerous waters.

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