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Egypt: Head Sufi Condemns Obama’s Commitment to Brotherhood and ‘Terrorism’

The Sufi orders of Egypt — representatives of a moderate form of Islam — are the latest segments of Egypt to condemn Barrack Hussein Obama’s flagrant support for the Muslim Brotherhood despite the will of the Egyptian people to be rid of their oppressive rule. Dr. Abdel Hadi al-Qasi, the top leader of Egypt’s Sufi orders, just delivered a message addressed to the U.S. president.

After correctly indicating that he was speaking on behalf of ”millions of Sufis in Egypt,” al-Qasi said, “President Obama, it seems that the U.S. administration, at this current time, instead of choosing to support love, peace, security, and constructive purpose, has chosen to support violence, destruction, vandalism, chaos, and terrorism,” a reference to American (including media) support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is currently terrorizing Egypt and, as of last count, had destroyed some 80 Christian places of worship.

Indeed, it was under Brotherhood President Morsi that Sufi leader Abdel Hadi al-Qasi’s Shia counterpart, Sheikh Hassan al-Shehata, was ruthlessly slaughtered (see graphic video) — supposedly in accordance with Morsi’s call to assassinate the Shia leader.

Sheikh al-Qasi concluded his message by saying, “Mr President Obama, I call on you to uphold the values of honesty, justice, and respect for the people’s will.  Peace.”

Good luck with that.