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Jerusalem Dateline

A Story of Redemption, Love and Forgiveness

What would you do if someone tried to kill your child? Would you pray for them? Love them? Curse them? Be bitter toward them?

David and Leah Ortiz had to make these choices. On Wednesday, an Israeli court convicted Jack Teitel of trying to kill their 15-year-old son Ami in March of 2008. Teitel delivered a bomb disguised in a Purim gift basket in his attempt to drive Messianic Jews (those who believe Jesus is the Messiah) from the land of Israel. He also killed two Palestinian Arabs and planted a pipe bomb at the home of a university professor.

The bomb nearly killed Ami and shattered his young body. Miraculously, he survived and has made a remarkable recovery. Yet after nearly five years, he still suffers the physical effects of the bombing.

From the very beginning, Ami and his family had to make a choice to forgive or not to forgive. They chose to forgive.

After the court's verdict, David and Leah talked about the choices they made, the ordeal they went through, and how the Body of the Lord stood by them. It's a story of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of prayer.