Praying for Ami Ortiz

Praying for Ami Ortiz


Last Thursday, Ami Ortiz, the son of David Ortiz, an Israeli pastor came home to his Ariel home and opened a holiday package. After all, it was Purim and many people send gifts at this time of year.

Purim celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from Haman's plan to annihilate them. In Hebrew, these holiday gifts are called "mishlo'ach manot.' Like most brightly decorated packages at this time of year, Ami thought it was a gift. Instead it was a bomb.

The force of the blast was so strong; it shattered car windows three stories below the Ortiz apartment. The explosion tore at Ami's young 15-ear-old frame. He suffered major injuries including second and third degree burns, shrapnel in one lung and wounds from head to toe.

At first, doctors warned Ami's parents, David and Leah, that their youngest child of six might not survive. However, early Friday morning, he experienced what even the doctors called a "miracle" turnaround. However, he still has a long road to recovery.

The accompanying video is the news report we've produced on this tragic terror attack. I hope you can view it for yourself.

Ami's father, David is well known to CBN News. We first met David about ten years ago when he spoke out on behalf of a Palestinian Christian who was being tortured by the Palestinian Authority for his new found faith in Jesus.

David has spent years sharing his faith with many Palestinian Arabs, often at the risk of his own life. David is one of the most courageous men of God I have the privilege to know. He's had a death threat in the form of an Islamic religious edict pronounced against him and intimidating threats from ultra-religious Jews.

Despite this, he continues to share his faith for "whomever will." At this time, I would encourage believers around the world to lift up David, his wife Leah, Ami and his entire family at this time.

Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • Ami needs prayer for the full restoration of his body.
  • Prayer for those responsible to be brought to justice.
  • Prayer for the Ortiz family to be strengthened and encouraged in the Lord.
  • Prayer that what the enemy meant for evil would be turned around for good

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