Who is the Muslim Brotherhood

Who is the Muslim Brotherhood


For the first time since 1952, Egyptians are going to the polls in a free election. Early results indicate the party representing the Muslim Brotherhood might take as much as 50 percent of the vote.

When you include the Salafists (a radical Islamic party) some observers expect Islamists – those who want to establish Sharia law - might take as much as 60 to 65 percent.

When you consider what the goals of these Islamists are, it should be alarming to Israel, the U.S. and the West. We asked Middle East expert Barry Rubin who is the Muslim Brotherhood and what are their goals?

It’s important to note – as Rubin says – that what the Muslim Brotherhood says in Arabic is much different than what they say in English. What they say in Arabic is what they really mean; what they say in English is often what they want the West to hear.

For example, over the weekend, a Muslim Brotherhood rally vowed to "kill the Jews." "kill the Jews."

Here's what Rubin had to say:

If you want to read more of Rubin's analysis of recent events in the Middle East, you can read him here, at The Rubin Report.

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