What's Behind the Israeli Elections?

What's Behind the Israeli Elections?


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for early elections on Tuesday night. This means his government won't serve out its full term that was due to end October 2013.

To the American citizen, Israeli politics can seem confusing. Instead of two parties, there are 20. For the next few months, those 20 parties will be competing for 120 seats in the Israeli parliament and vying for power starting early next year when the elections are scheduled.

It's expected Netanyahu will continue to be prime minister but he might get a big challenge from former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

To help decipher the Israeli political system and analyze the upcoming election, we talked to Mitchell Barak, an Israeli pollster and the founder of Keevoon Research.

Here's his analysis about Israel's election next year that could determine how the Jewish State confronts the existential threat of a nuclear Iran.

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