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Learning to Be Patient in Faith

I am constantly telling my children to be patient. I try to make them understand the significance of waiting. It teaches us that we should be thankful and also to enjoy each moment, not just the big ones.

However, I am embarrassed to say that I am very impatient. I tend to allow my frustration to overwhelm my faith at times.

I began thinking about the importance of patience the other day when I was having a mini-breakdown over things not happening quickly enough.

When we are pregnant, we have nine months to prepare for the beautiful little life God is giving to us. God gives us these months so that we can grow with the child inside of us.

When we are waiting for something big in our lives, we sometimes miss the little things. These things are meant to mold us, strengthen us and prepare us for whatever God has in store for us.

Miracles are not just large. They can be just waking up in the morning or moments of much-needed laughter. If you think about it, we are a miracle and each day gifted to us is a same miraculous gift.

Still, we pout, cry and argue over why we need more right now. We live in a “get it now” society. We forget that before we had all of these luxuries patience was common.

To eat, you planted crops. Food didn’t just appear in your kitchen, ready to eat.
God, in His perfect way, plants seeds in our hearts that will grow in time. Jesus showed us that we will not be comfortable all of the time. Trials happen, and will continue to do so. Even in those moments, we must have faith.

Our children need to understand that a good work ethic, faithfulness and gratitude are merits we all need to learn.

I am slowly, ironically, learning that it is not about what happens at the end of the race. It is instead about running it, continuing to persevere and remain faithful to God.

Think about Moses, Noah and everyone else featured in the Bible, ones who waited on God’s promise. They did not see His work overnight and many were accused of being crazy for their belief in God’s word to them. In the long run, God shows himself faithful, that His word is true and they were blessed for following it.

If we let go of hope, if we let go of our goals and vision for lack of patience, we will never see the plan God has for us come to pass.

Each day is gives us a new chance to be faithful to God. Each moment is a moment to feel His presence and to feel blessed, even if it does not come in the ways we imagine they will.

God will show us our rainbow. He will part the sea for us and make a way for us. He does not plant these seeds in us for no good reason. We will prevail and good will come of prayer, patience and reliance on Him.

Yes, our faith will waiver. He knows we will have bad days, but He will never leave us or abandon us… ever.

Do you find you can be impatient at times? How do you overcome the “get it now” attitude we have learned to have?

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