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Show and Tell: Learning to Show God's Love More

"Mommy, I won't tell you how I do this! I will show you!"

That was my three year old son yesterday morning when I asked him to tell me how he can make such a mess in such a short time. He was proud to demonstrate his aptitude for quick, tornado-like messes.

Though I wasn’t happy, I was impressed that he understood how actions can be more memorable than words at times. I began to think about how many more souls could be saved by showing God’s love instead of just telling unbelievers that He does.

There is a light inside of a true follower of Christ. It’s the way they show His love that is so intoxicating. Unfortunately, our words dim that light sometimes.

Words, on their own and without the conviction of the Holy Spirit, don’t get people closer to God. It’s our Christ-life reactions to life, coupled with the realization of God’s love, that will.

Words can get in the way. God's love shining through our compassion, smiles, helping hands and blessed steps speaks volumes.

Recently, I asked my daughters what it is that they feel they show people about Jesus. My oldest daughter replied: "Gratitude, laughter and loving people." My middle daughter said, "Me!" She hit the nail on the head. Our actions bear witness to Christ.

I decided to play a game with my kids. I called it, God's Love Charades. I told my children that they had to demonstrate something about them that comes from the love of God and from following Him as their Savior.

This turned out to be such a fun idea! My oldest showed the act of giving. She gave a toy to her brother. My middle daughter showed the act of compassion and empathy by hugging her brother, whom she told to pretend to cry.

My youngest, my tornado who started this whole thought, he showed mercy. It was days after the original mess, but he began to clean up his most recent mess. Now, I know my three year old does not know the word "mercy", but he knows the act of it.

Let's consider how we "hear" God. You probably never have Jesus shouting in your ear trying to convince you of something. He allows His message to come through the Bible, miracles or sometimes we can "hear" Him speaking in a still, small voice.

Are you more inclined to go towards a peaceful, natural flowing river or a loud, stormy sea? The peace of God will be with you as you show His love.

Words can be trouble makers. Gossip, slander and judgment hurt. Be a healing presence, with God’s help, through your actions and words.

Do you notice God’s love more in words spoken or deeds done?

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