Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman says his nation will continue to coordinate with Palestinian security officials despite a tirade by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday against Israel, President Trump and US policy in the region.

K. and his mother in conversation with Dr. Israel Einstein, Director of the Kidney Transplant Service for Children at Rambam Medical Center. Credit: RMC

Far from the headlines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but actually close to home, Israeli doctors at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles of Middle East politics to save the life of a desperately ill Palestinian boy from the Gaza Strip.  Thirteen-year-old “K” was born with a hereditary renal defect and urgently required a kidney transplant.  He often traveled from the Gaza Strip to Ichilov and Tel HaShomer hospitals in central Israel, for treatment and medical operations.  However, his condition deteriorated in recent years.


Israel is confronting a number of groups that advocate a boycott of the Jewish State.  The leaders of those groups will not be allowed to enter Israel.  The Ministry of Strategic Affairs announced over the weekend that 20 organizations, including six that are based in the U.S., are on the list.  Groups in Europe, Latin America and South Africa are also named.

Archaeologists excavating in the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem unearthed what they are describing as a “unique and significant discovery” – a tiny clay “sealing” -- that Jerusalem’s mayor says again highlights the 3,000-year Jewish connection to the city.