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The Orphans of Syria

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Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Lara and her brother, Bilal, walk through the tents of this refugee camp in Lebanon every day. They and their mother have struggled to get by on their own ever since the Syrian war engulfed the city of Homs and their father was killed.

Lara says, “A large bomb hit our house and my dad and some of my relatives died. I still get really sad when I hear other girls saying daddy, daddy, because I can’t say that anymore.” 

Lara’s mom tells us, “We came with nothing and relied on the charity of our neighbors to survive.”

Lara’s mother told us one of her biggest worries now is her children’s future. “It really hurt Lara not being able to go to school. She is such a smart child and I just want her and Bilal to have a chance to do all the things that I could not,” she says.

So, Heart for Lebanon, with support from CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, invited Lara and Bilal to attend our Hope Center, a school dedicated to educating refugee children. Here, they’re learning math, Arabic, English and music. They’re also taught about Jesus Christ.

“I didn’t know about Jesus before coming here. It makes me so happy to know Jesus loves us, and is always with us. Jesus is my God, and he never lies, so I try to be like Him,” Lara says.

“I like to write and color and play with my friends. And I really like to sing songs about Jesus,” says Bilal.

At the center we also show Superbook in Arabic.

Lara says, “The show is amazing because we learn stories from the Bible, and I get excited learning about God. I go home each day and tell my mom everything I have learned.”

“My kids tell me about Jesus Christ all the time, and when I am feeling depressed they say I should pray, so I do. It feels great,” says Lara’s mom.

And every month, Heart for Lebanon and Orphan’s Promise give food to Lara’s family and thousands of other refugees.

Lara’s mom says, “I can’t thank Heart for Lebanon and Orphan’s Promise enough for everything they have done for us. The Christian’s are the ones who have really helped us.”

Lara adds, “I love Heart for Lebanon and Orphan’s Promise because they are helping us, like God teaches us to help others.”

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