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Parents and Child in Agony

Matt Vilkas - 700 Club Producer

Six-month-old, Sai Teja, was born with a cleft lip and pallet.

His mother, Latha, cried as she said, "We didn't understand why we didn't have a healthy baby like all the other parents.  When we got home, everyone kept asking me what I did to have a child like this."

It was impossible for Sai Teja to drink his mother's milk.  He was hardly gaining any weight.

His father, Ashanna, anxiously said, "We had to feed him powdered milk, but it often upset his stomach.  We wanted to buy him cow's milk, but we couldn't afford it.  He was getting very weak."

As a day laborer in southern India, Sai Teja's father couldn't pay for a cleft lip operation. 

Ashanna said, "My son was always on my mind.  The government wasn't going to help us, and we didn't have anyone else to turn to for help."

Then a local hospital found out about Sai Teja and contacted CBN.  We told them that we would sponsor the surgery.

Ashanna happily explained, "After the operation, he has been able to drink milk without any problems and sleeps well.  His health is also a lot better, and he is gaining weight."

With a big smile, Latha said, "I never thought my son would have a normal lip, but you made it possible.  The doctors did a good job.  We are so happy!"

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