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Pat Boone Credits God for His Success

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In the 1950’s, Pat Boone emerged as one of Rock N’ Roll’s most popular singers.  Drawing fans with his silky vocals and clean-cut personality, pat not only rivaled Elvis on the music charts, but was soon making waves on the silver screen and television.    He credits much of his success to a moral compass guided by his faith and trust in God.

CBN reporter, Scott Ross asked Pat Boone, “Longevity, what do you attribute it to?”  

Pat answered, “Well you know, I’ve been asked so many times, ‘Why do you look and act younger than we know you are?’ And I tell them, ‘It’s three things, lots of milk, lots of exercise and a clean conscience.’  Now the milk just refers to diet. Exercise, that’s self- explanatory.  I’ve always been athletic, and very active athletically.  The clean conscience, people say, ‘Well, how could, your conscience never gets dirty?’  ‘Yes, but I know where to go to have my conscience cleaned.’  And that’s where my faith comes in.  So, it’s really exercise, right food and faith. Because so many of the things that slow us down and cripple us, the doctors say are psychosomatic, at least in some part. Guilt, anxiety, fear, stress, and I just tell people, ‘I’m dumb but happy, because I let the Lord bear my burdens and He’s forgiven me my sins.’  So, I don’t bear guilt. Not that I haven’t done plenty of things worthy of guilt, but He forgave me.  So, I don’t carry guilt or anxiety or fear.  And I’m free. And so that makes for longevity.”

In fact, Pat declined a role with Marilyn Monroe.  Not because of Marilyn, but because of a script and storyline he couldn’t condone.  Although those things are in the past, Pat continues to entertain audiences with the songs that he loves and that helped put him on the map.    

Pat explained, “I still do ‘Tutti Fruitti,’ ‘Love Letters in the Sand’ and ‘Speedy Gonzales,’ which Netanyahu, Prime Minister Netanyahu, loved when he was at MIT in college, during the heyday of Elvis and me matching each other record for record.  And he liked us both, but he loved ‘Speedy Gonzales.’  So, whenever we get together, Prime Minister of Israel says, ‘Hello Speedy, how you doing? Come on in.’  And we have that kind of relationship.”

Scott said, “And that takes us right to another song you wrote the lyrics to, and that’s since become what’s almost a national anthem in Israel.”

“It is,” answered Pat.

“And that’s ‘Exodus,’” said Scott.

Pat said, “Yes, yes.”

Scott asked, “You wrote the lyrics?”

“I did,” said Pat.

Scott replied, “And that’s amazing.”

Pat explained, “And so it was Christmas Eve.   Shirley was saying, ‘Please, Pat, let’s get our Christmas presents under the tree so we can go to bed.’  I said, ‘Honey, just one more time, let me hear this record one more time.  Put the needle on.’  Bom, bom, bom, bom.  The words ‘This land is mine,’ came to me.  I thought, ‘That’s the whole story of Exodus.’  Bom, bom, bom, bom, ba-bom.  “God gave this land to me.”  That personal identification.  I thought I got to write this down. I grabbed a piece of white paper and started writing the words just almost as fast as I could write they kept coming to me like I was taking dictation.  Had the lyrics all written in less than 30 minutes.  Turned over the piece of paper, it was a Christmas card.  Now I eventually, a couple of years ago, submitted, at their request, the Christmas card to them, it’s at Yad Vashem framed, the Holocaust museum, on the wall of the righteous Gentile with Oscar Schindler, Corrie Ten Boom and others.  For me, you can imagine Scott, for a young Gentile guy, at least I was, I was young.  I’m still a Gentile,” said Pat as they both Scott and Pat laughed.  “But adopted Jewish through the Messiah, you know, and Shaya Ben-Yehuda, the director of Yad Vashem, with tears in his eyes, said we’re trying to get all Jewish kids to know those words by heart, like a second national anthem.”

Scott asked, “Scanning big picture stuff, the United States, where we are now. Looking at our, well, the environment, but our social, all of that, what are you seeing? What is your observations? Are you encouraged, discouraged, what?”

Pat said, “Well, both. I’m glad you asked the question. Because I’m discouraged at the break up and discourse in civility. We, through the years, entertainment has contributed greatly to it, to the numbing of American’s consciences and moral sensibilities. I think God is letting all this happen to draw us closer to Him. Unless we become again a nation under God, openly proclaiming our freedoms and liberties come from Him and that we need to be again devoted to Him unashamedly, openly, as a people, not just individuals.  But if we can return to God, which He’s wooing us to do, we can be a mighty strong nation again.”

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