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Analysis: Boston Marathon Terror Attack

I discussed the horrific Boston Marathon terror attack on "The 700 Club" show with Pat Robertson this morning. Click play below to watch.

Still not a lot of details at this point, and I'll have updates once we hear more. One question a lot of people have been asking me is why there has been no claim of responsibility yet by any terror group (the Pakistani Taliban, for one, has denied any involvement).

A few thoughts on that:

1) It sometimes takes a few days for these claims of responsibility to be released. There was no immediate claim by al Qaeda, for instance, in the aftermath of 9/11.

2) The perpetrators of this heinous act may be keeping silent because--God forbid--they have more planned.

3) This may be a local cell of just a few people who are not directly tied to a global terror network like al Qaeda. Which means they may not be advanced enough or have the means to declare responsibility and have it go viral like al Qaeda would on one of its numerous jihadi chat forums.

4) Although they could use Twitter and other social media to brag about the attacks, the terrorists behind them are likely on the run and may be staying away from the Web altogether in order to escape detection.

Click play to see more of my thoughts on all this, and please pray for the victims and their families.