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More Fallout From the Iran Deal Debacle

The fallout continues over the Obama administration's disastrous deal with Iran's regime regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran's leaders insist that they will continue to enrich uranium and are crowing about Israel's isolation.

There are even rumors floating around in the Arab press that President Obama plans to visit Tehran in 2014 (a charge the White House, predictably, denies).

The ramifications of the Iran deal--which grants a fanatical, America-and-Israel-hating jihadist regime a virtual EZ-Pass to nuclear weapons--are potentially even worse than the fool's bargain Neville Chamberlain struck with Hitler in Munich in 1938.

War is now a certainty--and President Obama's actions have guaranteed that it will be up to Israel, and Israel alone, to deal with an Iranian nuclear weapons program that the whole world should be united against.

Instead, the so-called "international community" is united against Israel. I debated this subject and more on a recent appearance on the Fox Business Network.

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