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Anti-Semitic Attacks Growing in Europe

Although it did not receive heavy media coverage, an Islamic terrorist recently murdered four people (including two Israeli citizens) at a Jewish museum in Brussels.

My first thought upon hearing this horrific news was, "my worst fears have been confirmed."

I paid a visit to Brussels in June 2012 to cover the rise of anti-Semitism among Islamists and the radical Left in that city and heard stories from longtime Jewish residents there& that shocked me.

After all, this was the de facto capital city of the supposedly tolerant, multicultural European Union. But as you'll see by clicking on my on-the-ground report from Brussels below, things are anything but "tolerant" for Brussels' Jews in the face of an increasingly violent Islamist/Leftist onslaught.

By the way, Belgium's neighbor, France, has also experienced a rash of similar violent anti-Semitic attacks, perpetrated, as has become the norm, by radical Islamists. This is becoming an alarming, Europe-wide trend.

Click on the viewer below to watch my 2012 report from Brussels.