Reporting from Christians United for Israel conference

Reporting from Christians United for Israel conference


Pastor John Hagee founded Christians United for Israel  (CUFI) in 2006 as a way for Christians and Jews to come together in support of Israel. Judging by the group's annual conference -- which is being held at the WashingtonConvention Center this week -- his vision is being realized.

Several prominent Christian and Jewish lawmakers, journalists and media personalities have taken the stage to stand together for Israel in this time of unprecedented threats to its survival. Sen. Joe Lieberman, Rep. Eric Cantor, Fox News's Fred Barnes, and talk radio hosts Michael Medved and Dennis Prager have all delivered addresses during the 4-day event.

Highlights Tuesday included a live satellite appearance by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a speech by Israel’s new ambassador to the US, Michael Oren.

I have to say, the CUFI conference was one of the most enjoyable events I have ever covered for CBN. It was like a big celebration in there, with Jews and Christians blowing shofars and dancing together to Hava Nagila. A big party to honor Israel. Plus, every single speaker was top notch and held my complete attention (which is rare at long events)

To watch my report on the conference, click here.

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