Christians Stand with Israel as Obama Administration Steps up Criticism

Christians Stand with Israel as Obama Administration Steps up Criticism


The Obama administration's unprecedented criticism of Israel these past few days over settlements has sparked bi-partisan outrage on Capitol Hill. And for good reason, as Barry Rubin points out in this penetrating, must read piece.

Now evangelical Christian groups, which are among Irael's staunchest and most loyal supporters, are calling out the Obama administration as well over its shocking treatment of a steadfast and vital ally (whose popularity among American voters, by the way, is actually higher than President Obama's and has never been stronger).

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is calling on its supporters to e-mail the White House and urge the President to end the current diplomatic crisis with Israel. The effort has gathered momentum throughout the day, CUFI spokesman Ari Morgenstern tells CBN News:

The strong response of the Christian Zionist community on this issue reflects their steadfast commitment to standing with Israel. Christian friends of Israel are capable of distinguishing between temporary disputes between friends, and the deeper ties that bind our two countries.” 

Morgenstern continued:

"Just 90 minutes after CUFI’s action alert was distributed, more than 5,000 of our members sent emails to the White House asking the President to 'end this unnecessary crisis, return to a more productive approach, and stand with our ally.' As of last count we are averaging an email every second, and I see no indication that this will slow down anytime soon"

Those are pretty staggering results that show the depth of concern for Israel among the evangelical Christian community. Speaking of rock solid supporters of Israel, click on the viewer below to watch my recent interview with Israel's Minister of Public Diplomacy, Yuli Edelstein.

Edelstein is playing a key role in helping the Netanyahu government fight back against Israel’s detractors. It is an important position that he is uniquely equipped for: he spent three years in a Soviet prison camp in Siberia for the “crime” of teaching Hebrew language and culture to Soviet Jews.

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