Moscow Subway Attacks A Wakeup Call for Russia?

Moscow Subway Attacks A Wakeup Call for Russia?


By the title of this blog, I don't mean that the Russian government is asleep at the wheel regarding the threat of Islamic terrorism against their country. Today's subway attacks were just the tip of the iceberg in that regard. On numerous occasions over the past several years, Russian interests have been targeted in brutal attacks by Islamic terrorists from Checnhya and its surrounding provinces. So Russian officials certainly grasp the fact that there is a coordinated effort by Islamic jihadists--at times aided by Al Qaeda--to destabilize the Russian state.

Why, then, are the Russians striking huge weapons deals with the Islamic jihadist government of Iran, not to mention readily assisting the mad mullahs in their drive to acquire nuclear weapons? Why are Islamofascist Hamas officials the guests of Moscow? Why are Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Algeria showered with huge weapons deals by the Russians? Russia is fighting Islamic jihadists from its southern provinces on one hand, but on the other hand, helping to prop up Islamic jihadist and Arab fascist regimes throughout the Middle East and North Africa. This seems like a very short-sighted and self-defeating strategy. I spoke to an Arab government official today who said he had pressed his Russian counterparts about the arms deals. The Russians' response? "It's just business."

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