Part 1: Stakelbeck Interviews "Son of Hamas"

Part 1: Stakelbeck Interviews "Son of Hamas"


Mosab Hassan Youssef is one of the bravest men I have ever met. Period.

I don't throw such praise around lightly. But Mosab has certainly earned it and then some.

You may have seen his recent interview on The 700 Club. If not, watch it asap here.

While you are at it, pick up his new blockbuster New York Times bestseller, Son of Hamas.

In the meantime, here is some background on Mosab. I think you'll agree that they don't come any tougher or more courageous:

-- Raised in the West Bank, he was the son of a founding member of Hamas, Sheikh Hassan Youssef.

-- After years around the Hamas terrorist movement, where he was taught to hate Israel and embrace radical Islam, Mosab had a major change of heart,

-- Incredibly, this "Son of Hamas" began to work secretly with Israel's Shin Bet internal security service in an effort to save Palestinian and Israeli lives and try to bring down Hamas.

-- Along the way, Mosab left Islam for Christianity, which meant a double death sentence, when combined with his status as an Israeli "collaborator."

-- Mentally and emotionally drained after a decade of working with Shin Bet, Mosab came to America to start a new life. Since the release of his book, his father has disowned him. Hamas undoubedly wants him dead.

But that hasn't deterred Mosab from speaking out. I sat down with him recently in Washington, D.C., for a wide-ranging, two part interview.

How did he manage to keep his work with Israel a secret while rubbing elbows with Hamas on a daily basis? How does Hamas operate behind the scenes? Who really runs the deadly terrorist organization? And why Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal owes Mosab his life.

For all of those answers and more, watch Part 1 of our interview by clicking on the viewer above.

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