The Ground Zero Mosque: Will America Choose Cordoba or Tours?

The Ground Zero Mosque: Will America Choose Cordoba or Tours?


A must read piece here by Emmanuel Navon:

Islam is using the values of the West to fight the West. Saying that is not politically correct, but it is true. 70% of Americans are against the Ground Zero Mosque precisely because they understand that this mosque is not about religious freedom. It is about the use of freedom to fight freedom and to progressively impose an ideology of hatred, discrimination, and violence. Either President Obama doesn’t see that –which is bad. Or he does but lacks the courage to say it –which is worse.

The American people should build a huge Church near Ground Zero and call it the Tours Church. Why Tours? Because Tours is the French city where Charles Martel defeated an invading Muslim army in 732, thus halting the Islamic expansion to Europe (actually, the battle was fought in an area between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, located in north-central France, near the village of Moussais-la-Bataille. But the battle is known as "Battle of Tours" in English and as the "Battle of Poitiers" in French. Incidentally, "Tours" happens to mean "towers" in French). By doing this, Americans will not only show that they too know History. They will also prove to themselves and to the world that they learned from it.

Sadly, the West has not learned from history: and the fact that this Islamist victory arch is even being considered at Ground Zero is disheartening proof of that fact. Nine years ago is not exactly ancient history. If you would have told most Americans on 9/12/01 that just a a decade later, a massive Islamic Center would be built at the scene of the crime, they would have said you were nuts. Now many of those same Americans are just shrugging their soldiers as a symbol of Islamic conquest is about to be erected on hallowed ground.



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