Stakelbeck Book Release: Monday, May 2

Stakelbeck Book Release: Monday, May 2


My book, the Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat, will be available this Monday, May 2, wherever books are sold nationwide (Borders, Barnes & Noble,, etc.).

Beginning on May 2 and continuing throughout next week, I will be featuring exclusive excerpts from the book each day on this blog, so stay tuned.

The book encompasses my years of  on-the-ground reporting on the global jihad and includes my recommendations on how to win the war against Islamic jihadists.

I'm not just analyzing these events from an air-conditioned office in D.C. I've been in the radical mosques and Islamic enclaves and interviewed radical imams in the U.S. and Europe. I've also sat down, face- to-face, with wanted Islamic terrorists who have links to Al Qaeda. So the information in the book is coming straight from the source.

If you like political correctness, this is not the book for you. This is no time to mince words, and I do anything but when addressing the existential threats gathering against America, Europe and Israel.

I'll be doing an all-out media blitz over the next few weeks to promote the book, beginning on May 2 with an appearance with Pat Robertson on that morning's "The 700 Club" program.

I'll wrap up May 2, launch day, by sitting down to discuss the book in a segment with a V.I.P. on Fox News (more details to come on that).

In the meantime, I'll be celebrating  tonight in D.C., along with some of my good friends and contacts, at a book release party thrown by my incredible colleagues at CBN. A

After the fun, of course, it's time to go to work. No pressure or anything. We're just talking about the survival of Judeo-Christian, Western civilization.

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