Muslim Passenger Disrupts Chicago-to-Frankfurt Flight, Facing Federal Charges

Muslim Passenger Disrupts Chicago-to-Frankfurt Flight, Facing Federal Charges


Why have you not seen this potential dry run reported yet in the mainstream media? Do I even have to ask? From ABC-5 Cleveland:

The unruly passenger who caused a commercial jet flying from Chicago to Germany to divert to Cleveland Friday is facing federal charges.

The FBI said Monday that Saleh Ali S. Alramakh, aka Saleh Ali S. Alramaleh, age 21, of Riyadh Saudi Arabia, has been charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants.

The incident caused United Airlines Flight 944 -- en route to Frankfurt -- to divert to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport at about 5:30 p.m.

According to the FBI, Alramakh went into the plane’s bathroom and used an electronic device while the plane was taxiing in Chicago. He allegedly refused to follow the flight attendant’s directives that he immediately turn off the device and return to his seat, but eventually returned to his seat.

Shortly after takeoff and while passengers are still required to stay seated, the FBI said Alramakh went into the bathroom again and used an electronic device. He once again refused to follow orders by the flight attendants to immediately return to his seat, investigators said.

At this point, the FBI said flight attendants unlocked and opened the bathroom door, at which point Alramakh became verbally abusive toward the attendants before returning to his seat.

At some point later in the flight, Alramakh got up a third time and approached a flight attendant in a “belligerent, confrontational manner,” the FBI said.

“Alramakh was speaking in a loud tone of voice, using profanity, with his face inches from the flight attendant's face. The flight attendant asked Alramakh to step back multiple times, but instead Alramakh shoved the flight attendant backwards against the aircraft,” the FBI said in a news release.

So a young Muslim male from Saudi Arabia (home, in case you've forgotten, to 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers) refuses to leave the plane's bathroom--where he's using an electronic device against the flight crew's orders--and then verbally and even physically confronts attendants, while also spitting and cursing at passengers. Ultimately, he had to be restrained and was taken into FBI custody. But move along, folks, nothing to see here. All just an unfortunate misunderstanding, I'm sure, caused by the flight crew and passengers' rampant Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry.

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