Update: Hamas Fugitives Arrested at Red Cross HQ in Jerusalem

Update: Hamas Fugitives Arrested at Red Cross HQ in Jerusalem


I reported last year on how the International Red Cross--a supposedly non-political organization--was sheltering three wanted Hamas terrorist--er, 'lawmakers"--at its eastern Jerusalem headquarters (click on the viewer below to watch). Now, after 18 months, Israeli authorites have finally got their men.

Here's more, from AP:

Two lawmakers from the militant Palestinian party Hamas were arrested after hiding for over a year inside a Red Cross compound in Jerusalem, an Israeli police spokesman said Monday.

The spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, said the men were wanted for "Hamas activities." He would not elaborate.

Red Cross officials confirmed the men had been holed up inside. In a statement, the Red Cross said that Khaled Abu Arfa and Mohammed Totah sought refuge in the compound on July 1, 2010, to escape Israeli arrest.

Israel, the U.S., EU and Israel list Hamas as a terror group due to its suicide bombings and other attacks aimed at civilians that have killed hundreds of Israelis.

Israel bans Hamas from operating in Jerusalem. Last week Israel arrested the Hamas speaker of the Palestinian parliament.

Rosenfeld said the Hamas men were arrested when they ventured outside the Red Cross compound Monday.

Shortly after the arrests, a group of Palestinians forced their way into the Red Cross compound, Red Cross spokeswoman Cecilia Goin said. "They acted violently against Red Cross staff and then left," Goin said. Nobody was seriously hurt, she said.

Ah, Cecilia Goin. Be sure to watch my report below to see her less-then-fond view of Israel. Perhaps now that she has seen the true, violent face of Hamas, that will change (sort of like the old saying that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality).

Then again, probably not. Leftism is a blind ideology that defies all rationality and refuses to identify evil for what it is. In the upside down world of the left, good is evil and evil is good. Hence, Israel is a "racist, genocidal, colonialist occupier that has illegally seized Palestinian land" while Hamas terrorists are merely "oppressed, disposessed Palestinians who are legitimately resisting occupation."

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