Fmr. Russian General Says Strike Against Iran, Syria is 'Indirect Strike Against Russia'

Fmr. Russian General Says Strike Against Iran, Syria is 'Indirect Strike Against Russia'


In recent weeks, I've been documenting (see here and here) the increasingly hostile rhetoric coming out of Moscow regarding a potential American or Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, not to mention the Kremlin's shameless backing of the blood-soaked Assad regime in Syria.

Now a former Russian colonel-general is getting in on the act with perhaps the most heated--and stunning--statements yet. Below is a partial transcript, from MEMRI (See video here):

Following are excerpts from an interview with Colonel-General [ret.] Leonid Ivashov, former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, which aired on Russia Today TV on February 1, 2012:

Interviewer: Dr. Leonid, do you think that these preparations and very large maneuvers, which will soon be conducted by Russia, are meant as preparation for war, or rather, a military strike against Iran?


Leonid Ivashov: These maneuvers and training will demonstrate Russia's readiness to use military power to defend its national interests and to bolster its political position. The maneuvers will show that Russia does not want any military operations to be waged against Iran or Syria. I assume that the people in the West and in Israel who design the schemes for a large geopolitical operation in the greater Middle East region draw a direct connection between the situation in Syria and in Iran. Indeed, these two countries are allies, and both are considered guaranteed partners of Russia. The only question, therefore, is who they will try to destroy first as a stable country: Syria or Iran.


A strike against Syria or Iran is an indirect strike against Russia and its interests. Russia would lose important positions and allies in the Arab world. Therefore, by defending Syria, Russia is defending its own interests.

In addition, Russia is thus defending the entire world from Fascism. Everybody should acknowledge that Fascism is making strides on our planet. What they did in Libya is nearly identical to what Hitler and his armies did against Poland and then Russia. Today, therefore, Russia is defending the entire world from Fascism.

Russian leaders' increasingly bellicose stance on Middle East affairs could wind up earning them more than they bargained for--and then some.

Click on the viewer below to watch a recent episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show in which I analyzed Russia's likely role in the so-called War of Gog and Magog described in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and and 39.


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