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Paralee knows the oil industry is notoriously one of booms and busts. Over the last few years, as the price of oil dropped, Paralee has seen thousands of companies like hers go out of business.

Paralee says, “I knew that there was a great opportunity. So instead of shutting everything down which would be the world’s economy, I started raising money to buy assets, to buy mineral rights. And so now we have these great places all over the United States where we can drill and we acquired them at rock bottom prices.”
There is another essential rule that Paralee follows during any downturn...  She gives her money away through tithes and offerings.

Paralee says emphatically, “That would be a recipe for disaster to pull back in giving when things get tight.  Pay God first, no matter what.”

She says, “I know that if I give, He gives when I started tithing, I noticed the income of my company increasing, I would guess 70%.”

Paralee says she has proof.  Not only has her company grown, but that the growth is directly related to her giving. She asked her bookkeeper to make a graph to chart the correlation.

Paralee points to the graph as she says, “And on this side is dollars and on this side is time, I did it for over four years, kept it updated every month, and the miraculous part is the income matched the peaks and valleys identically, but it was 400% greater than what I gave.”

Paralee says that, as a businesswoman, she carefully chooses where she gives. She has been a CBN partner since 2010 and recently became a member of The Chairman’s Circle.

Paralee says, “What truly moves me is hearing Terry M talk about Orphan’s Promise. I’ve never had children. I’m a business woman and I love my life/but by giving to them, I can help all these children."

She continues, “I am not driven to run the oil company so I can get more things.  I could care less about that. I do it to help people. And CBN gives me the venue and the great opportunity. Being a giver or tither makes all the difference between a life of fear and struggles or a life of success and joy and faith. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be storms, there will be, but you have to give to even have a shot at being successful. And if you stick it out, God will show you and it will happen.”

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