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Exclusive: Jeb Bush To Brody File: GOP Must Be More "Inclusive"

In an exclusive sit-down interview with The Brody File, Jeb Bush says the Republican Party must be more “inclusive” and can do so by changing the language it uses. He says you can be inclusive but, “not abandon principle.”

We sat down with Jeb Bush Friday morning at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in DC. If Jeb Bush decides to run for president, he will most likely be considered the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. However, expect a bunch of push back from constitutional conservatives within the party who will argue that Jeb Bush is too moderate. Yet you can make the argument that a characteristic like that might be his biggest selling point in a national election. Haven’t we been down this road before with Mitt Romney? Where have I heard this conversation?

A full story on Jeb Bush airs this Monday on The 700 Club.

Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

David Brody:  “The state of the Republican Party, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about it.  Where do you see evangelicals' role in all of this?  Because really, there is somewhat of a fight for the soul of the Republican Party.  Many evangelicals feel the culture is not where it needs to be and it's going down pretty quickly.”

Jeb Bush: “I think we could focus on all our disparate parts, all of the points of disagreement that conservatives have and never win again.  My general thought is that the focus ought to be on how you get fifty plus one.  Not how you win amongst forty-five.  And that's kind of where we are where everybody has a view that's slightly different than one another and certainly social conservatives are a huge part of a winning coalition which means that we have to change our language to be inclusive but not abandon principle and that's not as hard, I think, as people make it out to be.”