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Video Exclusive: Marco Rubio On His Political Future: “Whatever is going to happen with me is what God’s already planned for me"

Senator Marco tells The Brody File that he’s not concerned if immigration reform hurts his chances of becoming the Republican Nominee for President saying that God has it all under control. “Whatever is going to happen with me is what God’s already planned for me,” Rubio says.

You can watch his remarks below. The Brody File conducted this interview up on Capitol Hill. Go 5:10 into clip to hear where he talks about God.  Other highlights are below.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Highlights of Interview: (Watch the clips for full answers)

On Potential Negative Political Ramifications From Conservatives If He Runs For President in 2016:

David Brody: “It’s a political reality of what could actually happen.

Senator Marco Rubio:  Well, the day I start making decisions around here with the mind toward what other office I want to run for, I’ll no longer be very effective.”

Senator Rubio: “Whatever is going to happen on this issue, whatever is going to happen with me is what God’s already planned for me. My job is just to be obedient and have faith in that regard and that’s really something like everybody else I struggle with that because the human side wants us to think about the here and now but I think ultimately if you try and approach every issue in life, from the smallest details to a big issues like this with that view point it gives you a sense of peace and calm about you wouldn’t otherwise have.”

On The Sell To Conservatives:

David Brody: “Has this been harder of a sell than you originally thought?

Senator Rubio: “The answer to that is yes and no.”

On Border Security:

Senator Rubio: “I think that’s where we are in this debate. Can we do enough about border security so that people will support doing something about the eleven million and that’s what I’m focused on, that’s what I’m working on trying to accomplish.”

Senator Rubio: “We’ve gone to my colleagues and they’re saying we just don’t think it’s enough. We don’t trust the administration, quite frankly Republican or Democrat. We’ve been told this before that they’re going to secure the border and that never happens.”

On His Line In The Sand:

Senator Rubio: “For me, if we start trading let say we start weakening the guest worker program in exchange for stronger border security I’m not interested in that horse trading. I don’t have a problem dealing with this issue in one bill comprehensively, so long if the different subject areas are dealt with within those subject areas, we’re not trading good policy for bad policy.”