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Video: Rand Paul Says 'America Is in Full Blown Crisis,' Day of Reckoning Has Arrived!

In a speech to pastors in Iowa, Sen. Rand Paul says, "America is in a full blown crisis" and that the country has, "arrived at a day of reckoning."

He says that America needs revival saying, "I think our moral compass is wavering."

The speech was given last Friday at the Iowa Pastors and Pews event in Des Moines. The Brody File had the only access.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Sen. Rand Paul: America is not just experiencing growing pains. America is in a full blown crisis. I think a spiritual crisis. The problems, as Oz Guinness puts it, is not wolves at the door. It's termites at the floor. Lincoln saw this, and others have seen this and the way I see it is our foundation is cracking. It's not that we've chosen the wrong politicians, It's more fundamental than that and I think it requires a deeper introspection...

I think we've arrived at another crossroads. We've arrived at a day of reckoning in our country. And the question is, will we falter or will we thrive and recover our mojo, as I like to put it. America I think has much greatness left if we believe in ourselves, if we believe in our founding documents, if we believe in a system that made us the richest, the freest and the most humanitarian nation ever. But the cracks are evident, the sand is shifting, I think our moral compass is wavering..

Laws alone are not enough to civilize a nation. What America needs is not just another politician or more promises. What America needs is a revival. What we need to discover is that the law follows virtue. When virtue is restored than the law will reflect goodness. It's not the other way around, the law will not save you.

A war, though, exists. I think this exists between those who seek to divide us and those who wish to guide us. A war is being waged between those who understand and embrace America exceptional founding and those who simply want to divide. As Thomas Payne put it, 'these are the times that try men's souls'.

The question is now as important as it was then: will you be sunshine patriots, shrinking and gone when the going gets tough? Or will you stand shoulder to shoulder to defend the republic our forefathers fought so diligently to leave us?